What’s Happening In: Hubbard Farms

Hubbard Farms is a small community of historic homes, a bit west of Corktown, and right next to the restaurants and shops of Mexicantown. Here are a few reasons why it’s great to call Hubbard Farms home:

Honey Bee Market

Honey Bee Market has been serving Mexicantown for over 50 years. Bring their top-notch homemade tortilla chips, guacamole and salsas (try the free samples by the front door) to your next party, and expect to make lots of new friends. Honey Bee is also a great stop for cheap avocados, pre-cut and seasoned meat for home-cooked fajitas, awesome piñatas and a great assortment of Mexican delicacies ranging from hot sauces to candies. And don’t forget to grab a quick bite at the prepared foods counter; highlights include breakfast burritos, hearty chicken noodle soup and inexpensive salads.

Pretty Houses

Mostly built in the late 1800s and early 1900s, Hubbard Farms is filled with beautiful homes. Don’t let the exteriors fool you; although some appear plain on the outside, the insides are often filled with elaborate woodwork, stained glass and more! The area also has a number of multi-family homes, so you can live in a townhouse-style property with your landlord next door. You’ll still get all the benefits of a home with lots of space and your very own backyard!

Clark Park

Once a notorious spot for illicit activities, Clark Park was taken over by a group of neighbors in the 1970s and has become a center for neighborhood activity. Wide-open greens for picnicking or reading, fields for softball and baseball, and an outdoor public ice rink make it a top spot. Grab a coffee from Café Con Leche at the park’s north end (4200 W Vernor) and a treat from Mexicantown Bakery (4300 W Vernor) before you sit on a bench to watch the world (and your neighbors) go by.

Taqueria Lupita’s

Blink and you’ll miss Taqueria Lupita’s, set among the hustle and bustle of the Bagley Mexicantown corridor (3443 Bagley St). The three-dollar, two-taco lunch with rice and beans is not to be missed. Just be careful not to fill up on chips (which is hard, because the green sauce is ridiculously good).

What’s Happening In: Hubbard Farms