Quaint, tree-lined streets filled with grand Victorian homes, right between Midtown and Corktown.

The Lowdown

The beautiful streets of Woodbridge are filled with grand old mansions, many now divided into apartments. There aren’t many restaurants or bars in this part of town, but the Woodbridge Pub serves as a neighborhood watering hole for area residents. Its central location means its just a quick drive or bike ride to the amenities of Midtown and Corktown. Woodbridge’s proximity to Wayne State University adds to neighborhood safety, with the added bonus of Wayne State Police, known for their constant presence and quick response times.

The Nitty Gritty

As of 2017, move-in ready homes in the Woodbridge neighborhood range from around $100,000-$400,000. Rentals are mostly homes, or parts of homes, with a few scattered small apartment buildings. Places like Craigslist or local realtor listings are good places to start. Make some friends in the community and ask them to keep an eye and ear out for neighbors looking to rent. Purchases are similarly tough to come by, so if this is your dream destination, get ready to act when a property you like comes on the market. 

Check It Out

  • Grab a drink and a snack on the patio at “The Pub” as its known to locals, and enjoy a beautiful evening
  • Take your bike, dog, or friend on a trip through Wayne State’s campus or stop by a football game at the neighboring stadium
  • Recycle Here, Detroit’s recycling center is a straight shot up Trumbull. Check out their Lincoln Street Art Park and an occasional food truck at Saturday recycling.



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