The Villages

This eclectic group of neighborhoods offer historic charm and a mix of housing options, just a quick drive from downtown.

The Lowdown

Three miles east of downtown, The Villages is made up of six neighborhoods: the Berry Subdivision, East Village, West Village, Indian Village, English/Islandview Village, and the Gold Coast. The neighborhoods of this quirky, storied district surround East Jefferson with the Gold Coast and “Berry Sub” (as it’s known by residents) to the south along the water, and the rest of the communities to the north. This notable district is home to Detroit mayor’s Manoogian Mansion, the renowned Detroit Waldorf School, and a wealth of picturesque homes. There’s a lot going on in the Villages right now, with residential properties being restored and a revived business district in West Village. 

The Nitty Gritty

The Villages’ housing stock is diverse. Whether you’re single or have a large family in tow, one of these neighborhoods has the perfect place for you. High-rise apartments and condos, historic homes, townhouses and a growing stock of single-family residences give The Villages a fresh variety of housing options. Take a leisurely stroll or drive through the district to get a closer look at what’s available, you’ll find carriage houses, homes for sale and units for rent. While occupancy rates are high, you can come across a quaint pad for yourself or an elegant home for your family in The Villages.

Check It Out

  • Grab a bite from one of the restaurants on Agnes between Parker and Van Dyke for a picnic on nearby Belle Isle
  • A staple of art in the community, offering exhibits, education and more – Pewabic Pottery, has a rich history of more than 100 years in Detroit.
  • The Manoogian Mansion, nestled in the Barry Subdivision of the The Villages, is the official residence of Detroit’s mayor (and it’s just down the street from Kid Rock’s waterfront home).


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