Taxes, Trash, and Recycling

Tax Info

Taxes can get confusing. Here’s a guide to point you in the right direction for income and property tax information.

Follow the links for income tax forms and information.

Follow the links for property assessment documents and property tax information.

For Neighborhood Enterprise Zone information, click here.

For Renaissance Zones tax forms and information, click here.

Trash & Recycling

While apartment and loft rental properties typically handle trash collection, if you’re living in a home or townhouse, trash collection is your responsibility.

For more information on trash collection days, click here (for Southwest and east sides of Detroit) and click here (for all other areas).

Do you have bulky items to throw out? Bulk collection occurs every other week, learn more here.

Curbside recycling is now available for Detroit residents, click here to sign up!

Are you a regular recycler? Recycle Here! operates mobile recycling sites through the city on Saturdays! Recycle Here! accepts Styrofoam, light bulbs, plastic bags,  batteries, and more. Visit the Recycle Here! website for more information.

Taxes, Trash, and Recycling