Everyone’s talking about Midtown, and for good reason.

The Lowdown

The new shops, apartments and restaurants, plus the beautiful old buildings and world-class cultural institutions make this one of Detroit’s hottest hot spots. With a mix of small apartment buildings, lofts, single family homes and new developments, Midtown offers some of the most diverse housing options in the area. Enjoy strolling around the shops and restaurants on Second and Cass Avenues around Canfield. You can shop, eat, drink, see a movie, go to yoga, go to the library, see a show or buy a gift, without ever getting in a car.

The Nitty Gritty

Midtown is happening, and places are full. For sale housing is very competitive and some of the toughest in town, but prices at many rental places remain reasonable. While there are a few big buildings, finding units at the smaller apartments and single family homes may require a little legwork. There is a lot of housing geared towards students for nearby Wayne State, so there is greater turnover around the beginning and end of semesters.

Check It Out

  • The Bronx Bar offers a great burger and veggie sandwich. Plus, the daytime bartender is a notary, for those important documents you need notarized.
  • The Wayne State campus offers great paths for walking or running, food trucks and restaurants, and one of the city’s few Starbucks
  • The DIA’s Kresge Court is a great place to soak up the splendor of the DIA, grab a drink or a bite to eat, and impress parents, out-of-town guests  or dates


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